Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Gas Street, Birmingham

Well, you cannot say that this is a boring mooring - or a dull time of the year. The boat next door was broken into the night before last and an ambulance was called this morning to take a moorer into hospital. Whatever happened to this quiet, hidden mooring.

And is this global warming? Primroses in January and I haven't even seen a snowdrop yet.

We got a new starter battery and David, Geoff and Pete struggled to get the old one out, then they discovered that the new one had the terminals on it the wrong way around, to Pete is going to have to exchange it for another one. Then a man from the insurance company came to see David's broken chair - he has written it off and we will probably get 50% of the cost (less than 1/2 the cost of a replacement today) but it will take about 7 days and then we will have a 6 week wait for a new chair. Just what do they think David is going to sit on for all that time. Not my chair, that's for sure.

A 21st birthday card. The backing paper I printed and has the words to "Twenty-one today". Next two layers of handmade 3 layers of handmade paper in purples topped with pink mulberry paper. A real key, tied with pink satin and lilac organdy ribbon. I later changed the key for a flower painted one that I found in a heel bar but forgot to re-photograph the card.

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