Saturday, 22 December 2007

Krakow, Poland

Our fourth night in Krakow and we have just had another sumptious dinner - all within a stone's throw from our appartment. We could probably eat out in a different restaurant for a whole month and still not move out of the district.

The weather was icy and the mist of last night had frozen on the trees making everywhere look really Christmassy and the light this morning made everywhere look magical.

We had a quick zizz around the Christmas Market again - this stall was selling cakes.

Although we spent 3 years in Warsaw at the end of the 70's and beginning of the 80's we never saw anything like this. Although the trip to the large fruit market did bring back lots of sights, sounds and memories.

This stall was selling handmade bags and boxes using corrugated cardboard. They were so pretty I had to photograph them to maybe case at some time in the future.

And finally a card that I made for Pete's daughter just before we left Birmingham. Decoupaged and matted. I didn't intend the silver plaque on the bottom right hand corner but the rub-on decided not to and messed up the card. This was my second attempt - so I gave up and covered up the mess.

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