Friday, 21 December 2007

Krakow, Poland

This is a beaver dam in the Belowiasa Forest (we saw two). They have created a huge lake behind it which has frozen over. And they live in a big construction (not pictured) made from branches. They live on vegitation in the summer and wood which they chop up and store in their "lodge"

Our guide said that this log had been felled by the beaver during the night.

Right at the centre of the forest there is a strict nature reserve and the forest is primeaval - the trees just fall when they are dead and are left to rot. Therefore there are masses of animals, birds and insects living in this forest. There is a new museum with tablaux of all the animals and insects which is very interesting - but not if you don't like stuffed animals. Our guide said that no animal was killed to be stuffed - they were all road-kill or had died naturally!!

We travelled twice by horse and cart - it was very cold. The driver was 78 years old, and the horse had a mind of its own. We stopped off at a disused railway station which had been used by the Tsars when this part of Poland was Russian. There were pictures of Tzar Nicholas II on all the walls.

We have now travelled down to Krakow - we managed to catch the slow train and it took us 6 hours instead of 3!


A leaving card for the receptionist at our doctor's surgery. I started with a lilac card. The wording I did on the computer and the boots I received in a "forum swap" last Christmas. I finished it off with some pretty organdie ribbon with sparkly bits and some very thin satin ribbon.

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