Sunday, 9 December 2007

Gas Street

Back in the swing now (well until Thursday, when we are off to Poland).

After a very rainy day the weather cleared up for the annual Illuminated Boat Parade this evening. Despite the weather and the cold there were about 18 boats entered and some were quite stunning.

The Gas Street Moorers on their private grandstand canalside viewing platform!

This is the Anglo Welsh boat. They turned the boat into a log cabin. Maybe a good wheeze for someone trying to steal a boat and camouflage it?

Aquarius - so I suppose it must be the BW entry. The swan moved its head and neck from side to side and the wings went up and down. It was quite spectacular until it hit the side of the bridge and broke. BW did not seem to have anything to do with the show this year - no dragon head at the mouth of the tunnel or dolphins swimming over the lights or the lighthouse.

This entry was actually two boats - lots of flames and smoke.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves!

The Mayor and Noddy Holder, who had just received an award (a sort of hall of fame in Broad Street - he is No 3, Ozzie Osbourne was the first and Jasper Carrot the 2nd - still haven't found out where they actually are in the street yet though.

Then there were the fireworks.

Now that I have sent all our Christmas cards I can post a pic - I actually printed the wording onto each card using the computer. The photograph was printed onto a semi-gloss paper and holographic peel-offs (also handmade) border the edges. I promise this will be the last Christmas card post for ages, though I have made some lovely ones - after making around 900 this year I am all Christmased out.

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