Saturday, 8 December 2007

Gas Street

Well, sorry for not blogging for a while. As you can see from the picture above, we have been to Budapest for a short holiday. It was a return trip, we lived there from 1982-1985 when David worked at the British Embassy there. Caroline's school was on the ground floor of the square building to the far left of the picture. We had a great time, the place had not changed very much except that everyone now admitted to speaking English, all the cars were western European and there were the usual Euro shops (Zara, Mango, M&S and Tesco).

We visited most of our old haunts - Gerboud's which is a famous old coffee house, the cakes had real cream in them this time!: Gundels - a lovely old restaurant next to the zoo. We also went to the zoo and checked out the amusement park which had not changed a bit, it was lovely to see the old carousel there and still working.

We took a couple of trips out, to Szententre and Estergom and of course a night time visit to the Var, the castle area to see the lights across the river and then the No 2 tram along the Pest riverbank to see the lights of the Var and Gellert hills.

There were also some really interesting craft stalls with lovely stuff. So I have got some stuff for next year's Christmas cards already!

Meanwhile we missed lots of fun on the moorings with the police being called and lots of shouting and tantrums.

Tomorrow is the Light Parade, when boats decorated with lights will sail along the canal; hope the weather is better than today.

This is the card I designed for my hairdresser to send to all his clients (all 700 of them!). I managed to transfer the design onto my Craft Robo to cut out the bodies, heads, antlers, feet and hairdryer and comb. The noses were cut from a hole punch and then of course there were the wobbly eyes. All the faces were different and some had some great expressions. It was great fun, but very time consuming. I don't think I'll be doing that again next time.

This a box of about 100 Rudolfs waiting to be mounted onto the cards with sticky fixers.

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