Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Gas Street

Bad news about the noise from The Panama bar. A man at the Environmental Office of the Council says that we do not dwell in dwellings!!! Therefore we do not exist and cannot complain and the bar can continue pumping out noise (music?) and letting drunken people out onto the towpath 24/7 to scream and yell and fight and try and jump the lock. Great.

A picture of our Daughter, Caroline and fiance Curtis and a cheetah from Canberra Zoo. They spent a day there helping the staff looking after the animals.

Caroline and Curtis are both in Chile now on the start of their 6 month odyssey of South and Central America. We pan to meet up with then in Rio for the Carnival.

I've been quite productive in the card making industry lately. Here are two cards I made "cased" from one of the magazines. I had scanned some swirly paper and I changed the colour schemes to black and white and white and black.

The one on the left is 3/4 covered in the paper, a black border on the bottom and a pink/white/black check ribbon across the join. The little bag is made from card and covered with the black paper. Three pink prima flowers are used for decoration and a peel-off 18. There is room of a name or happy birthday if required.

The one on the right is made on a black card. The black paper was stuck down on the right hand side with the ribbon down the join. The flip flops were cut out in card and covered in the white paper. A hole was punched in each one and the ribbon threaded through and wound around the back. Pink prima flowers were then added for the decoration and the 18 is made from silver cardboard numbers. Not really room for a name but I suppose pink letters could be added down the right hand side on the patterned paper.