Thursday, 6 September 2007

Gas Street

The Cape of Good Home Public House by the two Cape Locks on the Grand Union. We have never stopped here as the locals seem a bit dubious (we once saw drug dealing going on on the bridge).

The weather, of course, has been glorious since we've been back. The shopping gets delivered from Waitrose, there is a newspaper shop next door - life is sweet.

We may not even have to move from our mooring - but more of that later.

David joined the library today and asked about books by Solhenitzin (not sure how to spell it).

The reply was "Who?".

"Alexander Solhenitzin, the Russian author, Nobel prize winner."

Reply: "Reference or fiction?"

Even the library is dumbing down

It's too nice to think of Christmas cards - so I've got one of a beach. A blue card, torn blue and yellow paper and some embellishments - really easy and fast. I even sold it!!!

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