Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Top of Napton Locks

Another early start - 0600 and even so there was a boat behind us by the time we got into the bottom lock. All the 9 locks were for us so it was quick and easy and we managed to find a mooring just after the top lock before it began raining.

There are a couple of moorhen families here and they are very brave. One of the mothers actually took food from my hand! The chicks are so sweet and watching them take food from their mothers' beaks is fascinating. We took this, and many more photos, from the side hatch.

I made this card with a Dinky type jet plane. A photograph of the sky for the backing, matted on silver card and then onto a white card. There is room again for a greeting or name and I made a box for it to go into as it won't fit into an envelope.

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