Thursday, 16 August 2007

Claydon Top Lock

I know it's another picture of the moorhens, but they are so cute.

An early start to go up the Napton locks before the queues began and got to the last but one lock before we met another boat, although there was a single-hander who got up two minutes to late and had to follow us up.

The bendy bits at the top were as beautiful as ever and I managed to get some washing done.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself by dinner time as it was my birthday!!! and no one had mentioned anything yet. My daughter had not phoned and, of course, there were no cards as we are on the move. David was cooking the dinner and just before he served it up I reminded him - he'd had a bad day so that really set him up!!

So, a card to cheer me up. I printed out a clip art of this gorgeous dancing bear and stuck it onto what card, then purple, light pink and dark pink and finally onto a lightish pink card. I ran glitter glue over the frills and top of the bodice and probably should have put a bit on the bow in her hair. And as it is quite an old card of mine had put peel-off flowers in the corners of the matting.
There are several other clip-art pictures of the bear in several ballet poses. I must dig them out.

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