Monday, 2 April 2007

Gas Street

Grant piloting Aquarius. What will we do without your daily visits Grant? As part of the BW cutbacks we will no longer get our daily canal clean up.

Mr David has now had both sides of the bows painted in comastic and the gunnels in black mat and is looking quite respectable again.

I was hoping to make a card for the Daring Cardmakers Blog. The rules were that the card must be made from only one colour (or variation of). I spent most of the day messing the with Craft Robo and not doing very well, also the printer has decided not to colour true so that didn't help. Then when I had just about got something David thought it was dull (well it was brown). Instead here is a valentine card which is in all shades of pink p even the bit at the bottom which looks white.

I hope they like it because looking through all their work it is pretty daunting - they are all so brill.

PS the larger heart is real chocolate.

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Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Brenda, Oh I've just found your comment on the main dare blog.. So glad you've joined in.. Oh I love this card, what a gorgeous idea to put the chocy on it!.. YUM!.. now I must have a good look at what you've been up to. :o)