Monday, 26 March 2007

Tixal Wide

Back on the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal. David was up and off at 0645 (it's a good job the clocks went forward!). It was misty and chilly.

We got to Great Heywood Junction at 0945 and I popped into the farm shop for more goodies (jams, cakes, fresh bread etc).

It is nice to be away from the locks on the T&M in these parts. Although there is a bridge across the bottom lock they are usually in the middle of the beam when the gates are open. This means a crawl underneath or a leap over the top. If you are short and fat like me it's not easy and also when they are wet you tend to end up with a wet bum! Note to BW: Can you, please, please, please provide all locks with a bridge over the bottom gates for easy use of locks and a walkway over the top gates; and not just where there is a public footpath. Thank You.

I won't get so much exercise but it might make life easier.

Tixal is its usual beautiful self. Notice that there are several boats still here that were when we came past 3 weeks ago. I am sure they must moved after 14 days and come back!!

This is a birthday card that I made for David this year. The "lovely" is decoupaged which does not show up too well on the photo. Lots of shiny red and silver and silver peel-off borders. Suffice to say - he liked it.

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Rhi said...

Living on a houseboad sounds brilliant, but I'd need a whole seperate one to house my craft studio!

Welcome to DCM, looking forward to seeing your take on the dares :)

Rhi x