Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Long Moll's Bridge (No 76)

Leaving Tixal early in the morning was lovely, the Great Crested Greebe was fishing, the swan was nesting, a cock and two hen pheasants were pinching food from under a bird feeder at Tixal Lock and the bushes were beginning to sprout. And what with the lambs and the foal, spring must be on the way.

We stopped by Midland Chandlers for some filters and stuff, as usual they didn't have it.

Then we moored out in the countryside again, but even so the M6 was not far away and you could hear the rumble of traffic.

The photograph of the nesting moorhen was taken beside the Bishop of York's Palace on the River Ouse. This bird is nearly as batty as the one who keeps nesting by the Gaol at Reading.

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