Friday, 30 March 2007

Gas Street

David washed the boat (no excuses about it being painted soon so no need).

My job was to go down town and check that all the shops were in the right place - which they were, of course.

Unfortunately for you, while we are on our moorings there is not much for me to write about.

Joe and the gang, from Second City Cruises had put up the curtains that I had made for their new trip boat and they looked good, even if I say so myself.

There are lots more gongoozlers around as the weather is getting warmer, but that also means the towpath is noisier at "chucking-out" time and more idiots think they can jump over the lock.

I have decided I want to make some more cards but in order to do that I have to make room for them - so I am going to hold a BOGOF sale on the towpath.

This card is made with a silk pansy, gold waste ribbon and gold handmade paper on a blue card.

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