Thursday, 19 April 2018

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 Well, the New Year's resolution didn't last long did it?  Will try and catch up while we are away.

The plan, which is changing daily is to do the Huddersfield Narrow, and after 5 attempts we find out today that the Marple locks will be out of use until 24 May, so we are going to try and go the other way around and do Liverpool first, then go over the Pennines on the Leeds and Liverpool and come back over the Huddersfield Narrow.  But as they day, great plans.....

We will be leaving Birmingham in glorious weather, the pub has been absolutely rammed while the sun is shining and it can get a bit noisy with drinkers, especially when they realise that the gate has been shut at 2100.  I am looking forward to some quiet nights out in the country.

We will miss this boat being raised, probably some time next week.  It has really settled down into the silt now so it will be interesting to see how they do it.

I was allowed to go to town on this card!!

Lots of sparkle, lacy doilie, silk flowers , die-cut leaves and a bow.

It is for Elsie's first birthday, but you probably guessed that.

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