Wednesday, 10 May 2017

All Canings, Kennet and Avon Canal

 Really, really early David took the boat across to the water point to fill up the water tank and to empty the toilet tank (in that order), then backed the boat onto the moorings.  I took a bus into Bath for a bit more shopping - I've not been shopping for ages!  Honest!

I got back  at 3pm and we set off as the weather was so lovely and had a treat - an afternoon cruise.

PPS:  The two boats were still on the 24 hr moorings when we left!

There are a lot of continuous cruises on this stretch as there are 14 miles with no locks.  The canal was not built for mooring boats (they used little fat boats to travel to wharf to wharf and did not live on the boats like the narrowboaters did) the edges are all shallow, so most of them are moored like the one above and you definitely need a plank to get on and off the boat.  If it is a wide-beam boat then you end up taking up half the canal.

We got to All Cannings at 5.30 (missing the Long Barrow yet again) and found the last free mooring.
I am at home here.  My father's family came from Bishops Cannings and I was brought up to the south, across the next row of hills.

This card and bottle tag was made for a boating neighbour, he was 88, the skateboard was appropriate (he was called Ponytail Pete as he had a ponytail.  Unfortunately he died earlier this year.

The skateboarders are stickers, stuck onto card and cut out to use as toppers fixed with sticky fixers.

I used grungy background paper, matted onto silver card for the blue card and used peel-offs for the sentiment and name

The bottle tag used white card and I added a white panel with peel-off sentiments again onto patterned paper.

I think he liked the whisky, well he never offered any to us!

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