Monday, 10 October 2016

Below New Marton Locks - Llangollen Canal

 I know we like early starts, but today was a bit excessive.  We left the basin at a quarter past SIX!!!  It was still dark and we bumped and ground our way down through the narrows, missing all the dramatic scenery, but on the other hand we didn't meet another boat until we got to the lift bridge past the aqueduct.

As you can see, sunrise as we went over.  I walked it again.  Getting really brave, no?

When I got to the 100th turn of the lift bridge I finally noticed that it was not going up any more.
The man on the other boat tried pushing, and I eventually had the nous to wind it own a bit and then up again, that seemed to work.  Still, I didn't have to wind it down.

The hire boats were out in force after Chirk and by the time we got to New Morten locks there were queues of 4 boats coming up stream at both locks - still I didn't have to do much work working them, there was lots of help.

Two days ago it took us 5 hours to get from the top of New Marton to the Basin in Llangollen and 4 hours to get back down!  I've seen a slower current on the Thames!

Another example of my expanding repertoire. 

An "exploding" box, because when you take the lid off the sides explode out and fall down.

This box contains a pair of baby stocks.

The sides are decorated with patterned paper and die cuts with a rosette on the lid.

I have made several in blue, pink and white.

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