Friday, 5 August 2016

Fazeley Junction, Coventry Canal

Now that's what I call a planter!

Yet another early start.  I do appreciate it - eventually - but I do find it hard getting up in the mornings. We got through the locks quite smoothly and then went on the the two at Glascote.  Here we managed to meet a boat coming up on both locks. 

The man who lives in the cottage at the bottom lock came out and helped with the locks.  Quite a rare occasion.  Most lock keeper cottage owners turn their backs on the canal and resent boats using the locks (the one at the top of the Lapworth flight for a start).

By the time we were coming out of the bottom lock there were 3 boats in the queue to go up, and more kept coming as we sailed down to the junction, mooring up just short of the junction itself.

I caught a bus into Tamworth for a look see and picked our first blackberries on the way back to have with our melon.  Lovely.

The digi stamp is called Mikey, I have one of him playing the guitar and another with his girlfriend, but I like this one of him standing proudly by his VW.  I have used this one as a congratulations card, congratulations on passing the test, or just getting the car.

The stamp was already coloured so I die-cut it and matted it with a red label, adding the sentiment with sticky fixers.

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