Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Eastonhall Lane Bridge 34 - North Oxford Canal

A beautiful sunrise.

There were so many boats moored on the GU/Oxford bit of the that we seemed to be on tickover all the way.

A left turn at Braunston took us onto the North Oxford canal, which was slightly quieter.  The plan was to stop at Hilmorton.  I told David I wanted to have lunch at the Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction and he suggested we asked the kids and grandkids to lunch too.  "When will we be there?"  "Day after tomorrow".  "OK!"  So he phoned them up and asked them to come tomorrow! 

So off we went to get within cruising distance tomorrow......

One of my Waterways cards.  The photograph is matted onto silver, yellow and red card.

Three banners were cut from silver, green and poppy  flowered card and stuck onto a white card blank.  The photograph was then stuck over that and a butterfly  added to the bottom left hand corner.

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