Sunday, 5 April 2015

Bridge 52 - Macclesfield Canal

Sod the birds!  Sort out the paddle gear!

 A cold, misty start.  We got to the bottom of the Bosley locks at 0730 and I had been looking forward to them.  But they did me today.

The mist never lifted, so there were no views.  ALL the locks were against me and the gate paddles were so stiff I could only open them one ratchet at a time.  I was completely knackered by the time we got to the top 2 hours later.

We needed a pumpout, of course, there was a boat already there, but they moved up so we could back in and use the facilities.  Then the cards wouldn't work so we had to get a CaRT man to run the machine for us.  At least they were in their office there.
 We got to the end of the permit holder moorings and moored up for the rest of the day and a sleep.

SAVE PRECIOUS WATER.  We have to do it because CaRT can't be bothered!

Not very happy with CaRT today; can you tell?

A nice, easy get well card.  I just stuck 3 plasters onto a white card blank and added a computer generated sentiment underneath.

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