Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bridge 5, Macclesfield Canal

 A bank of primroses.

We were off early again, in the mist.  It took us forever to get to Marple with all the moored boats.  There was no room before the Church Lane Bridge, none in the wharf and just 1 on the bank on the Peak Forest Canal.  So we banged some spikes in and when the shops opened, tried to buy some food.

Found 3 lovely bread/cake/delicatessen shops - but no fresh cakes, pastries or pies.  The Asda was closed and not open until next week (apparently it used to be a Co-op and was in the process of a handover) and the queue in the butchers was long.

David asked the guys on the work boat about getting to Whaley Bridge and the advice was that we could "probably" make it there today, but they were not enthusiastic.  Although the canal is not due to be closed until 13th, we decided we couldn't chance it and get stuck the wrong side for who knows how long.  So we winded (amongst the 3 other boats that appeared at the junction from nowhere) and moored up a mile outside Marple on the way back down.  At least the weather bucked up and the sun came out.

Haven't seen any cherry blossom yet, but here is a card anyway.

I die-cut the pink base, wrapped some pink ribbon around the bottom and tied it in a knot.  The matted photograph was fixed to the top part and several gems were added.

The panel was then stuck down onto a white card blank.

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