Thursday, 26 March 2015

Stone - Trent & Mersey Canal

 Another one of David's night pictures.  Didn't take any today as it rained!

Although we said we wouldn't go if it was raining, we did.  Three locks today and they were ALL for me.  Had to keep walking around the locks though as the beams were wet so I couldn't climb over them and they were too long to walk around them to get to the bridge at the bottom gates.

We managed to sneak into the last mooring in the town centre basin just as the heavens opened at 0830.

We visited the town later in the morning and were really disappointed.  Lots of shops seem to have closed down and there was not much left.  We remember a lovely "foody" town 15 years ago.

I was promised a Chinese for tea, but we couldn't even manage that - everywhere seemed closed or unhelpful.  So it was pate and bread and a slice of Simnel cake.

A pretty christening card.  The baby comes from Penny Black (I think) and was pre-coloured.  I cut it out with a die and backed it with a green one at a slight angle.  Then I added the leaves and flowers.

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