Monday, 1 September 2014

Coven Heath - Staffs and Worcester Canal

 The Wolverhampton 21.  We set off at 0830 and had most of the locks for us - with the help of several boats coming up.

It is such a pretty flight, the grass is always neat and tidy and there are lots of flowers.  Not sure what these are, maybe escaped from a garden.

We reached the bottom 3 1/4 hours later, with only one trip down the weed hatch, and turned right into the Staff & Worcs and headed for the bit of piling after bridge 69 and slept all afternoon.

 I have been branching out from cards this summer, hoping to sell them at the Birmingham Floating Market.  But the weather was so bad I was hardly able to put them out for people to see.

Inside the card there are four tealights and the whole thing comes in a box.

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