Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gas Street Moorings, BCN

 A photo apropos nothing really, I saw it in Glasgow last year and thought it a great name for a shop selling meat and wine.

The New Year went off with a bang!  We got  fireworks this year (after getting none last year).  Is there another mooring on the system with virtually its own firework display?

Later on Frederick had its back doors gemmied
and a generator was stolen.  And, yes, the the gates were locked.

The wind was so bad the next night later that it blew the two "24hr" signs off the mooring posts (but not the 4 others).  That meant that the boat that had been on the moorings since way before Christmas could now claim he was on a "14 day" mooring.  Coincidence?

We are planning our cruising this year and the Leeds and Liverpool are part of them.  So here is a card made with a postcard of an old working boat, I think at Bank Newton.

It is lovely around there, but there is never anywhere to moor overnight.  Last time we went through there was a huge leak from the canal and water was pouring down the car park by the cafe there.

I mounted the postcard onto some silver card and then onto a blank card base.

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