Friday, 24 May 2013

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 Remind me again, what is the date?  Apparently it is the coldest Spring for 30 years.  You're telling me. 

We are not exactly fine weather boaters, but we are waiting for a bit of better weather before we set off.  It would be nice to be able to spend a couple of hours on the move without getting wet and/or cold.

Lots of visitors passing through Birmingham.  Not everyone is as timid as we are, obviously.

I made about 40 cards using this stamp.  Here are the pink ones.  Promise I won't publish any more for a bit.

Used die cut labels etc and embossing folders, ribbons, flowers, gems and feathers on these.

The pink one at the top left hand corner was made from card taken from a bag that once held a bunch of flowers.  Don't throw anything away if I can find a use for it.

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