Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Norton Junction, Grand Union Canal

 Left early with ice in the water and got to the Braunston locks around 8am.  The little shop at the bottom lock was open and I got some of their lovely, freshly baked, organic bread, some eggs and bacon and three bags of coal.

As usual, when going up the locks, I left David to close the gate behind him and walked on to the next lock.  On leaving the second one I rounded the corner to this sight!  

A dog walker, who was passing, said the boat had been there all weekend (it was now Wednesday).  I went on up to the next lock to try and flush some water down to the boat back to the towpath, but would you know it, the lock was empty (the only one on the flight!).  So I walked back, untied the boat and hauled it across, tying it across the towpath onto a post. 

There were several CART men at the next lock up, so I told them about the boat and left them to sort it out.  (They would have to do something because I had blocked to towpath for all their "customers" walking their dogs).

We reached Norton Junction with no further alarms or excursions and moored up for the rest of the day.  I took a bus into Daventry and then we settled in for another cold night.


This card uses a white card blank, a white Cuttlebugged panel matted onto orange card with some black and white gingham ribbon tied around it in a bow at the bottom and a plastic peel-off butterfly with detached wings so that they flutter.

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