Saturday, 30 March 2013

Gas Street Moorings, BCN

 Easter Saturday, the sun should be shining, the trees in bud, bulbs and blossom blooming, lambs gamboling, ducklings duckling and birds singing.  What have we got?  An ice bush ice in the water, yet again and a cruel East wind whistling through the cracks in the back doors of the  boat.

We should have been down on the Basingstoke Canal, pioneering its opening to the tunnel.  But here we are stuck in Birmingham.

I'm not sorry we turned around and came back 2 weeks ago.  There has been snow most days and the wind has been bitter.  We probably would never even have got onto the River Thames.  The red boards are only just coming down to yellow ones so we would have been stuck in Brentford anyway.  Not the most salubrious of places to spend a week or so at, even if there was room to moor (last year was pretty tight, if I remember rightly).

Anyway, I suppose we can dream of warm days and cruising with the sun on your back, the steel on the roof too hot to touch and a towpath that is not 4" deep in mud!

This lovely ballet dancer is foiled and decoupaged.  I just cut the edges of the panel with deckle edged scissors and matted it onto blue and pink card before fixing it to a blue card base.

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