Friday, 15 March 2013

Bridge 68, North Oxford Canal

 Well, it didn't ice over last night, and it hasn't rained yet, so whose looking the idiot?

An early start, just in case it rained and a long, slog trog up to Hilmorton Locks.  I like these, there are two locks to chose from, so the chances of one being for your is greater than usual and the paddle gear is quaint and easy to wind.

Don't know what the contraption between the locks is for, it must have wound something in its time.

The moorings at the bottom of the locks were fairly full, and you can't get flush up to the bank, so we came on here, where we have a nice piece of piling and a very muddy towpath.
We came across this boat on the last of the 14 day moorings.  The sign says "GENERATOR RUNS TILL LATE NIGHT".  You can't miss it, so you've no excuse to moor next to it.  Or perhaps that is what they want, peace and quiet.
One of our moorers turned 60 in January and this is what I came up with.  I left the front fairly plain, just using the computer to write out the wording and matting it onto silver, yellow, orange and more silver card.  The base card blank was a sort of orange.

I printed out one of David's firework pictures for the inside and just added a silver "60" in the bottom right hand corner.


Adam said...

The contraption between the locks would have enabled water to pass from one to the other. So if one was full and one empty, you could get half a lockfull of water from the full one to the empty one. It would have saved water, like a side pond, particularly if there was a boat up and one down at the same time.

Brenda Scowcroft said...

Thanks for that Adam. One more water saving device that CART (BW) have ignored over the years then.