Sunday, 17 March 2013

Between Bridges 27 and 24, Coventry Canal

 No, I don't know what happened to bridges 26 and 25, but we didn't go under them today!

Not too bad a morning, a bit cold for those out on the back of the boat.

 Hawkesbury Junction, where the boat has to do a 360 degree turn to get from the North Oxford onto the Coventry Canal, going North.

We stopped off at Nuneaton so David could get a warm and have a rest while I went off to find a newspaper and then we stopped just as it was beginning to start to rain.  Though the late afternoon has been rather nice, sunshine and a sunset.

 Two similar cards using lilac card bases. 

The first one has lilac spotty paper  stuck down the left hand side (wrapped around the spine of the card and stuck on the back as well) and a silver peel-off strip covering up the edges.

The bought toppers have paper flowers and are mounted onto handmade paper.  I matted one onto silver card and fixed it to the front of the card.

For this one I added the spotty paper along the bottom half of the card and used 2 silver peel-off lines to cover the join before sticking down the topper.

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