Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Gas Street Moorings, BCN

Gas Street Basin on a misty night.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful New Year.

The fireworks were back last night!  Last New Year we didn't get any, so it was a surprise when the were set off at midnight.

Let's hope  the weather is better this year - though one of the advantages of living on a boat is that you don't need sandbags to keep the water out!!

I am getting really  frustrated with our internet link.  For some reason it does not like me updating the blog and keeps kicking me out so I have to start again.  One of the reasons why I have not been so up to date lately.  And, David is always in "my" chair, so I can't get to the computer.  Says "his" chair is too uncomfortable.

In the short space of writing this post the "error" notice has come up 5 times!  See what I mean.

Here is a New Year card I made for a friend.  The backing and topper came from Making Cards magazine.  I decopaged the bottle and added some glitter to the bubbles and a peel-off date.

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