Monday, 4 June 2012

Teddington, River Thames

We motlley of boats left West India Docks at 1015, heading for Limehouse, Brentford and Teddington.  There were still people on balconies waving us past.

 Please don't make any waives....  The Royal Marines having fun.

Put me down for this one.  I can move in tomorrow

One of the beautiful barges leaving the Avenue of Sail
A Dutch barge in the Avenue of Sail
Tenacious and Glorianna
Another tall ship
My little blue puffa boat
My pretty green sailing boat
Do love these barges.
Tower Bridge for the last time (6th time in 4 weeks).  Look at those clouds!
A Jolly boat (I think that's the term) from Britannia
Another pretty boat.
I think this sums yesterday up well.  Shoes, towels and lifejackets out to dry.

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