Friday, 4 May 2012

Long Cut Swing Bridge, Kennet and Avon Canal

Off at 6am.  And through the swing bridges before most people were racing to work and cursing me when I close the bridge on them.

Woolhampton was fine, David should be able to do this combination with his eyes closed by now.  I opened the bottom gates and then the bridge and he just sailed on through.

There were mushrooms growing on the lock walkway at Aldermaston and we were dive bombed with swallows at Colthrop.  They must have just arrived because we sure didn't see any yesterday.

I think a new lock gate is in order at Woolhampton.

We were hoping to moor up on the visitor moorings at Thatcham, but as usual, they were full so we went on through the swing bridge and moored up just after the landing.

I walked into Thatcham, big mistake, I got lost on the way back and ended up way up the canal by Widemead Lock.  I did hear a cuckoo though.

I began this card with a blue card blank and fixed some stripy paper down the right hand side.  The handyman/plumber is a Jolly Nation decoupage and I added the spanner and sealant gun for extra decoration.

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