Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hungerford Visitor Moorings, Kennet and Avon Canal

They've mucked up my favorite bridge.  It used to be all overgrown and quite romantic in a broken down kind of way.  

A cold, damp day.  The grass was cut yesterday so the inside of the boat is covered with cut grass from our boots and shoes. 

These clumps of whatever always remind me of that Thing in the Addams Family.

After 13 locks and 2 swing bridges (one where I needed help and was watched by a male walker as I struggled and David had to moor the boat and come back to help), we had lunch in the Tuttie Pole.

Where are all the ducklings this year?  Apparently the first broods of Kingfishers this year were lost in the floods.  Maybe the ducklings went the same way.  We have seen only 3 since leaving Reading and there was only 1 there.  Come to think of it where are all the Moorhens too?

I matted this photo onto silver card and then onto some blue handmade paper before sticking it onto a blue card blank.  Then I added a daisy plant and butterfly.

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