Friday, 20 April 2012

Teddington, River Thames

So, there we were, quietly minding our own business on the visitor moorings and the grass-cutter comes along.  So we undid the ropes and hot tailed it down the gauging lock before we got bits of grass stuck to the side of the boat.

Then, we were tied up by the Thames Lock for about half an hour or so and who should come along.  Yes!  The grass-cutter again!

So we had to untie the ropes and hover mid stream until he had finished his work.

We were due to lock down into the Thames at 1330.  At 1300 the heavens opened with torrential rain and hailstones.  Fortunately it ceased at 1330 precisely.

David got wet a couple of times on the 1 hour journey (I was in the warm in the boat - naturally) and the poor lamb was sick at one point (must have been that goat curry I got from Tesco).  The new skin tank is working beautifully, no sign of overheating and David gave the engine some real welly today.

Passed this barge at Richmond.  Hope it's in the Pageant.

3 days licence for the Thames - only £70.

After getting a pumpout, water, coal and diesel over the last couple of days we've have run out of gas!!!  Liz had sold all hers - so we are a bit stuck at the moment.  Just enough for a morning cup of tea and it's take-away tonight.

Lots of blossom about.  I matted this photograph onto silver card and then stuck it onto a white card blank.

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