Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Paddington Basin, Grand Union Paddington Arm

I have been fascinated with the legs and feet walking past the windows of the boat all day long.  There must have been every style of shoe and leg wear possible.  David is enjoying the short skirts and fortunately it hasn't been hot, so no hairy legs in shorts, yet!

A visit to the Westfields  shopping mall this morning, it's huge, and then back to Trafalgar Square to pick up the mail from the post office there.

Rain this afternoon.  In fact it is bucketing down at the moment.  Hope They capture every drop.


One waterways photograph, two cards.

1st one:  Blue card blank, blue ribbon tied, vertically, in a knot and the picture matted onto silver and light blue card.

A blue teardrop gem in the bottom left hand corner.

2nd:  A white card blank, light blue ribbon and two blue pearls in the bottom right hand corner.  They pearls look straight in real life!

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