Monday, 23 April 2012

Blakes Wharf, Reading, River Kennet

Boats in the early morning mist.

Once more we left just after 6am.  I don't know how it works, but every time we have set off we always arrive at a lock at 5 minutes to 9 as the lock keeper comes on duty.

Today we had to pay another £35 for a further day's licence.  The rain set in at about then too and David had a horrid 3 hours out on the back in the wind and rain.

Blakes Lock was a welcome sight.  No lock keeper (there never is!), so I had to wind the wheels to lift the paddles and push the gates open and shut.  It's great fun spinning the wheels though.

Then it was a right turn into the back water and town moorings.  Room for a couple of boats, the other spaces filled with the usual suspects.

A picture of a working boat matted onto silver, yellow and blue card.

A strip of yellow card, Cuttlebugged and stuck onto a strip of white card which was trimmed with a border punch.  A white and blue ribbon was wrapped around the strip and tied in a knot.

I put the white card base through the Cuttlebug with a border folder to make the dots on the right hand side of the card and then added the decorated strip and photograph.

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