Sunday, 4 March 2012

Opposite Kate Boats, Grand Union

 Yesterday we moved down through the two Cape locks after taking on water and moored up after Bridge 46.  Liking this travelling a couple of miles a day.

I took a bus into Coventry.  What a dump.  Apart from the fact that they were digging it up, there are about 4 separate shopping precincts and everything was very bitty.  Noticed a new Ikea though I don't need any furniture.

We had planned to spend 2 days here and as it was raining when we woke up it sort of made it desirable.

These kids went past in the morning, they seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Apart from that, only two boats went past, on their way to get water.

I actually made some new cards today.  Will have to take some photos.

This is an older one, using scraps.  The sentiment was a rub-on, the stripy paper was wrapping paper from a box of chocolates and the scalloped, silver strip was from the box itself.  The topper came free with a card magazine.

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