Saturday, 10 March 2012

Norton Junction, Grand Union

Through Braunston.  We are not worthy.  Stopped at Midland Chandlers, but they couldn't help.  Nothing new there.  And then for a pumpout at the marina.  Then it was up the locks and another dead pub. 

Someone had planted daffodils by each of the mooring rings on the other side of the tunnel.

We moored up before Norton Junction as there is usually not much room around the corner then we got a phone call from our daughter, Caroline.  She wanted to come and visit!!!  We walked around the corner and, of course, there was lots of room, so David went back and moved the boat and I went to the pub to meet Caroline and Rolo the dog.

We had a pleasant afternoon and there were lots of boats on the move, quite a shock after having the canal to ourselves for the last two weeks.

Back to a canal card.  An atmospheric picture of a view under a bridge, matted onto silver, light blue and more silver card.

I used a light blue card blank and stuck some blue ribbon down the centre before sticking the picture over it.  Three blue pearls were added in a row on the bottom right hand corner.

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