Thursday, 1 March 2012

Middle of Hatton Flight, Grand Union

 That's far enough for today.

We left in a heavy mist, but sun was peeking through the clouds. 

A BW workboat was just coming up in the top lock, so we had the first 5 sort of for us, but the locks are leaking so badly that it was debatable.

While waiting by the BW offices (just how many people work in there?  I was nearly knocked down by at least 3 cars whilst trying to walk over the bridge) Liz Sollars walked past with a litre of milk.  Said she couldn't stop to chat as she had important work!!

This is the first time we have stopped in the flight for the rest of the day and overnight.  But as we have got 9 days to get to Bascote Locks we are taking it easy.

I walked to the road and caught a bus into Warwick for a snoop.  There was a handy bus stop going in, but nothing on the way back and I had a long walk back to the Canal to discover that David had moved the boat down another 4 locks by himself.  It was like the old song "My Old Man Said Follow The Van".  There was an uncomfortable moment when I couldn't find my way home.

There were lots of snowdrops along the towpath.  This card was made by cutting out the picture from a card that I had received.  It was stuck down onto the front of a white card blank.

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