Monday, 12 March 2012

Br 74, Milton Keynes, Grand Union

Had to rush like mad to get to this aqueduct because it closes tomorrow for 3 days. 

There were not so many boats on the move today, just lots moored up with the curtains drawn tightly.

 Saw a couple of signs to day.  This one at the Stoke Bruerne Locks. 

If the side ponds save water, why are they not working now?

Or do we have to keep them stagnant for the wildlife?

The other one shows the areas where there are shortages of water.
 And here are the instructions.

How do you make a journey without passing through the red areas?

Or are we now supposed to moor up anywhere and just stay there with our curtains drawn tightly?

An actual stamped card!  The seedheads were stamped onto white card with black ink and matted onto red card.

I wrapped a thin piece of red ribbon around the top right hand corner and another one around the bottom left hand corner which was tied in a bow.

The whole panel was then stuck onto a white card blank.

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