Sunday, 17 July 2011

Gas Street Basin, Birmingham

  Lots of fun on the moorings yesterday.  Another "marital" - although none of the parties is actually married!

An awful of shouting, screaming, crying, death threats and hiding in boats.  Never a dull moment in Gas Street Basin.
 One little niggle when we were "doing" the Droitwich Canals the other week. 

If I can see the next lock I usually walk to it.  In this case, I came to this wooden fence with a door.

This is the sign, which is quite acceptable.  The only trouble was

The padlock was on the INSIDE and the padlock used a different key.  NOT the BW Watermate key.

The lock cottage was totally encased with a wooden fence (those boaters might want to walk around the lock) and I had to walk down the lane past the cottage, over the canal bridge and down the other side to get to the lock.

BW don't give a s*** about boaters yet again.

The only access to the lock is on the left hand side from the bridge, through another gate (thankfully this one wasn't locked).

I made this card the other day for a lady who has just graduated.  The original card was by Carole'Anne Sluchinski and you can find her tutorials here and here.  I changed the shirt into a blouse and added some black buttons and a pearl necklace and the scarlet and silver were her university gown colours. 

On the sentiment I was asked to add two storks carrying babies and two wedding rings as Francis, the recipient, had got married and had both her sons while doing her Masters Degree.

I made another panel for the back (not shown) for the personal sentiments. 

On the whole, I was pretty impressed with what I had done and (mainly thanks to Carole'Anne for her great tutorials) so did the recipients.


Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

Whow Brenda what a beautiful card you created I love the color and the colours are fabulous
way to go

Dave Bourne said...

Hi Brenda

Thanks again for that card, Frances really appreciated it, that's another card of yours that is going to be displayed for a long time!

Dave, a really proud Dad.

PS The degree was B(Eng).

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Hi Brenda.
Porters Lock is a pain, but none of BW's doing. Yes they put the fence up but the padlock change was to do with the owner of the house I am told. It seems they are not happy that the canal is open and so padlock the gates with their own padlocks. BW are on the case and trying to sort it out, but it is bind. Like you I walked along the road to reach the lock.
Love the cards.