Saturday, 2 July 2011

Droitwich, Droitwich Barge Canal

I am still getting over all those locks, it was early to bed last night (7pm!).

The weather has been really lovely again.  Hot and sunny.  One of the churches rang the bells in the morning and there were lots of stalls and stuff to see and do.  The town is also holding a music festival and there was a farmers' market today.

We were even visited by Caroline and Curtis (a very rare occurrance - only the 2nd time this yeyar).  It was a lovely surprise and they stayed for most of the afternoon.

There have been people walking the towpath all day - hundreds of them.  The whole of Droitwich must have gone past in the last two day.

We got hit really badly by the trip boat this afternoon - scraped all down the side of the bottom of the boat.  We are leaving tomorrow to give it more room.

Some decopaged pansies.  I Cuttlebugged a yellow circle and diecut a green scalloped backing and stuck them all together and then onto a lilac card blank.

A green "gem" was stuck in the bottom right hand corner, and the butterfly in the top right hand corner.  The butterfly has wings which flutter.

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