Thursday, 26 May 2011

Gas Street, Birmingham

 This morning the Hyatt caught on fire!!!!!  Lots of fire engines.

When I went to check whether I could use the pool this afternoon I was told that it was the sauna that had blown up!!  So no swimming for the foreseeable future.  Hope we get a refund.

Fortunately no-one was in the sauna at the time and no-one in the pool area was injured

This card began with a purple card blank.  I covered part of the front with some stripy paper and then added this little chap holding a bone for his dog.  He and the dog are slightly decopaged and fixed to the card with sticky-fixers.

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floating mobile phone said...

Oh I miss the canal, my offices use to be on the dock at nantwich marina in cheshire, I miss all the goings on and the colourful characters that it offered.