Monday, 16 May 2011

Gas Street. Birmingham

 Back to the mundane, if there is such a thing in Gas Street.

We got to look after Rolo for the day (6 month old Rotweiller/Doberman cross).  Boy has she grown.  Still adorable and fun though.  We walked her around to the doctors and passed this boat on the way.  The whole side of the boat was covered in an advertisement for South African wine, even the windows were covered like they do on the buses sometimes.

Haven't shown a waterways card for ages, so here's one of a bridge somewhere, forget where.

It is matted onto gold and primrose card and then onto a teal coloured card blank with some white and yellow ribbon wrapped around it vertically.

Three gems are stuck to the bottom right hand corner.  Why do they always look crooked in the photo and not to the naked eye?

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Paul - from Waterway Routes said...

Does the advertising boat have a trading license?