Sunday, 17 April 2011

Square Pool, Rochdale Canal

How is this for a view while doing the washing up?

A lovely sunny day, we managed 13 locks in 2 1/2 miles (I walked all the way).  So far the locks haven't been too difficult, but I did swear at a few, and hit one in frustration with the windlass.

It is so beautiful up here, but mooring is not easy.  The pounds between the locks are so small that they rise and fall almost as much as the locks, and the edges are all very shallow.

We planned to get water in Todmorden, but that didn't work Alice was spending the night there.  The goose was sitting on her nest and there was police tape all around it.

This is a lovely conversion of an old warehouse - see the card below.

The lock below our mooring here is is called Nip Square Lock and we are moored in Square Pool - neither is square.

We walked down two locks for a wonderful Turkish lunch and while we were away Alice went past, leaving the lock gates open so that when we got back to the boat it was high and dry with an alarming list.  Thanks Alice.

You won't recognise it but this is the side of the warehouse above taken the first time we came up here.  Just matted the photograph and stuck it to a white card blank.

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