Thursday, 21 April 2011

Piccadilly Basin, Rochdale Canal

 We were at Lock 65 for 0830, but the other boat was nowhere to be seen, so we waited 15 mins, but still no sign.  The lock keeper unlocked the gates and went off to Manchester to let the other boat come up.

We set off.  I opened the anti-vandal mechanism and lifted the box.  The lid went over the paddle gear so I had to hold the lid up with one hand and wind the windlass with the other.  Luckily I could manage with one hand.

Two locks down and I came across this one.  The anti vandal device had been jammed on and there was no way to get it off as the chain was too tight.  Then some cleaver person had come along and painted it all!

By the time we had got to the third lock the other boat had turned up so David went on to wait in the next lock - except he managed to get the boat stuck on something under the water (not difficult in Failsworth - there was so much rubbish around.

The other boat, the hire boat Worcester with three elderly American gentlemen eventually caught us up and with 2 BW guys and lots of help from the bank and after two hours, we eventually got the boat off the obstruction and were on our way again.

This is the bottom lock above our little "accident".  There is only one paddle - on the off side.  The only way to get to the off side is over the bridge and back along by the wall, except there was a locked gate!  The only way across was to tightrope over the ledge at the bottom of the bridge.

I do love it when BW look after the boater.
 We made quite good time and were soon near the bottom lock.  Here we found a new canal under construction.

I don't know if it actually joins up with the Ashton Canal, which was the original plan.

We all arrived in Piccadilly Basin at 3.30 and I collapsed into bed for a couple of hours.  David went off to find some takeaway and ended up with some Caribbean goat and chicken.  We ate that and then went to bed again.

I have not made a card, now, for over a month.  It's a good job I've got lots to spare.

This one uses the photo of two white Scotties.  I matted the picture onto silver, white and dark blue card, scalloping the outside edge.

I wrapped some blue ribbon, vertically, around the blue card base and tied it with a knot, then stuck the photo over it. 

To finish off, I added three silver dots made from silver card and a hole punch.

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