Friday, 29 April 2011

Halsall, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Only 3 1/2 miles today as we are lurking, waiting to go down to Liverpool.  We saw a 70ft length of brand new piling and dived in. 

We were in time to watch the Royal Wedding on the telly.

The record for the number of ducklings in one clutch:  14!! Ouch!

We were joined later by the six boats from Bridgewater Marina who are travelling down to Liverpool at the same time as we are. 

A card for the Royal Couple.

A peel-off stuck onto acetate and coloured in from the back.  The doves were done using Snopake!

I cut around the edge of the peel-off and then stuck it onto some turquoise handmade paper and then onto silver embossed card.

The whole panel was then stuck onto a turquoise card blank.

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