Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dean Locks, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

An eight o'clock start today (early afternoon?)  and up through Plank Lane lift bridge, arriving just at opening time.  The pumpout machine was not working and we missed the water point as it is before the bridge and the pumpout is after it.

Then up through the two Poolstock locks onto the Leeds and Liverpool proper.  A left turn and through the first Wigan lock down, past the BW offices and to the bottom lock when this sign was posted on the lock gate.

 Basically it asks us not to waste water, inferring that it is boaters to cause the lack of water by using the locks inappropriately (roughly)
 Note to BW:  This is a picture of the top gates of the lock with the notice.

Who's wasting the water?

Fix all the leaks BW and there won't be a water shortage.

Right!  Got that off my chest.

After Ell Meadow Locks (?)  There is only one.  The canal becomes very pretty, and once through Crooke relatively safe.

There were bluebells and garlic in the woods and more ducklings than you could shake a stick at.

This is one of a series of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" cards that I made some time ago.  I covered half the front of a yellow card blank with some computer generated backing paper, overlapping and wrapping it around the back of the card.  I used silver peel-off strips around the edges.

The padded sticker was fixed to some yellow card and stuck just off centre on the card and some padded flower sticks stuck in the bottom left hand corner.

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