Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

What do you think of this little beauty? Her name is Rolo (dark chocolate and creamy toffee). She is 6 weeks old and a Rottweiler/Doberman cross. She belongs to our daughter but we got to babysit her last Saturday.

She was great fun and spent most of the time asleep on David's lap (while he snoozed in his chair!).

Not much been happening on the boat front. We have had the boat passed for the Boat Safety Certificate and Gareth also checked over the engine before our trip. David has changed all the filters, so we are read for the off in 3-4 weeks time. The only fly in the ointment is the stoppage on the SU, but, hopefully that will be fixed by the time we get to it.

Mind you, it snowed this morning!!

A card for Kathy's granddaughter. She provided the photographs of herself, granddaughter, grandson and daughter which was already collaged.

The collage was so large I had to make the base card from an A4 piece of pink, pearlised card.

I used four different but matching pieces of patterned paper throughout the card, matting two square pieces onto silver card and sticking them to the front overlapping in the middle.

The girl is a digi stamp which was already coloured. I had intended using a different one but the ink began running when I started to colour it in, so I had to go with this one.

For the two sentiment pieces I matted the silver card onto patterned paper and then more silver card using sparkly peel-offs for the words and number.

I covered the inside of the card with more silver card and stuck a piece of patterned paper onto the top flap. I made a "pop-up" for the pictures by sticking two strips of card into a box shape, sticking the long sides to the picture with the longest flush with the bottom of the collage. The other long sides were then fixed to the card so that when the card is opened the collage touches the bottom of the flap.

You can see on this photo the tops of the strips of card behind the photos.

For the personal message I matted some white card onto more patterned paper and silver card, sticking it in the middle of the bottom flap. The photograph was added in the right hand corner because in the original collage it was too big for the card; so I took it off and added it here. The final touch was the three pink pearls in the top left hand corner.

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