Saturday, 16 October 2010

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

Another picture detail of Swallow. Almost beautiful in its shabbiness.

We have been missing something at the moorings and it has taken a while to realise what it is. Woody our North American Wood Duck has disappeared.

He used to molt in the summer and looked just like a normal duck before growing his colourful feathers for the winter, so we didn't really notice that he wasn't around. But he hasn't been seen for a couple of months now.

And, something else we've not seen for days and days now. A policeman!

These are some of the Christmas cards I made for Michael of his boat St Christopher. They began with a white card blank. I cut out the large aperture using a Nestability and the Cuttlebug and then embossed it with snowflakes using the Cuttlebug again. I cut a smaller aperture in coloured paper and stuck it behind the white one leaving a small edge all around it. I then fixed the photograph behind this using sticky fixers so that the frame stood out. To finish off I stamped out three silver snowflakes, tow. in the top left hand corner and one in the bottom right. The centres of the snowflakes are made with clear glass gems.

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