Sunday, 6 June 2010

Theale, Kennet and Avon Canal

Fobney Lock! I hate Fobney Lock! It is huge; it is hard work and

that river landing!!!

Fortunately a boat had just come out of the lock and left a gate open, so that was part of the hard work done.

Then, there were two canoeists camping by the lock and one of them helped me with the top lock (after scrounging some water and offering to pay for a windlass (if we had a spare) as they had lost theirs. David found them one we'd rescued with the Seasearcher.

The locks at this end of the K&A seem very unloved and in need of some TLC.

At Garston Lock I had a feeling I was being watched. Call me silly, but those two eyes followed me everywhere I went.

After my first swing bridge at Theale (completely electrified, thank goodness) we stopped at the 24hr moorings there and I walked into town for a newspaper.
(No letter to Mrs Mills from David published this week!)

A photograph on one of the K&A locks leaking like mad. It is matted onto silver, dark lilac, holographic silver and lime green card.

The base card is a light lilac, and I wrapped some lime green ribbon around the right hand side of the card and tied it with a bow. The three lime green dots were made form the lime green card and covered in Crystal Glaze.

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Lynda said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with paddles! Some of them are really heavy! (Also heartened that the I'm not the only one to drop things into the canal!)